Course Description

The ability to transform data into impactful messages during any type of presentation is a critical ability that most professionals need to possess. Professionals can use presentations and data strategically to communicate ideas, persuade colleagues to see alternative perspectives and influence others to support a project that is valued in any organization.

In this course, participants discover how to use data during oral presentations to present their ideas, share perspectives, deliver impactful messages and reach specific audiences.  Learn to apply a step-by-step approach to designing and delivering presentations followed by practical application of each step.

Course Details

Upon completion of this course, successful students will be able to:

  • Recognize the importance of defining the purpose of the presentation, especially how it relates to using data to share impactful messages during oral presentations
  • Reflect on how to tailor/convert data to presentable imagery that communicates an impactful message to the audience during oral presentations
  • Analyze techniques to develop a rapport with your audience
  • Examine the strategies that are applied in the planning, preparing, organizing and use of visual aids in the delivery of presentations including data
  • Diagnose the importance of preparing an effective introduction
  • Give and receive feedback, including video feedback

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