Course Description

The ability to positively influence people in a way that others follow, and act willingly when you do not have authority, is a skill every employee needs to cultivate. An employees ability to influence and build relationships to get results, whether managing up, down, or across the organization, can positively impact the bottom line and an individual’s career success. Uncover effective methods, strategies - and pitfalls - for influencing others, gaining commitment from others, and fostering collaboration.

Course Details

Upon completion of this course, successful students will be able to:

  • Identify key factors required to influence and gain results without formal authority
  • Investigate how organizational context impacts the ability to influence
  • Explore different influence strategies and tactics to gain commitment, foster collaboration, and tackle resistance to new ideas
  • Examine a framework for using influence to grow relationships and engage stakeholders in different environments
  • Create an action plan to effectively address specific influencing-related challenges and situations in the workplace

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