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Supporting what you claim in your research with reliable sources is a fundamental value of good research. Proper citing and referencing external sources enable readers to explore other related work while also connecting your research to the greater literature landscape.

As a new researcher, you would also hope that future readers of your work cite and attribute your work as well! This session will present and offer opportunities to practice strategies for organising, managing, and citing the sources that you find for your projects.

Instructors: James Murphy, Bronte Burnette-Chiang, and Kyla Flanagan

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this session, you will be able to:

  • Understand the options for managing your literature or sources (e.g. citation manager)
  • Implement a literature matrix strategy to organise and synthesise what you find
  • Identify a suitable tool for your project based on your needs
  • Learn about the typical functionality of reference management tools
  • Understand the importance of proper citing in a variety of citation styles
  • Increase awareness of supports available at the University of Calgary


This session will be held in-person.


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