Course Description


Undergraduate research is a category of experiential learning that will intentionally evoke your personal curiosity and interests, allow you to engage in discovery, and ensure there is an opportunity for disseminating findings and extending learning through critical reflection.

When you are given the opportunity to engage in this type of hands-on learning, you will develop important skills like working effectively with others, solving complex real-world problems, and acquiring work-related knowledge and abilities.

This session will explore different research approaches and how research can be a part of your undergraduate experience at UCalgary.

Instructors: Kyla Flanagan, Kara Loy, Lisa Stowe

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this session, you will be able to:

  • Describe experiential learning and explain the benefits of engaging in experiential learning
  • Describe characteristics of undergraduate research across different disciplines
  • Explain and give examples of diverse research approaches and methodologies
  • Acknowledge and formulate beliefs about research and the nature of knowledge
  • Affirm where your research interests are situated
  • Identify areas of research interest and start to develop a plan to engage in research


This session will be held online via Zoom.


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