Course Description

Public engagement and community consultation are cornerstone practices across all resource development and implementation projects. This course provides a comprehensive overview of best practices through interactive learning and case study.

We teach strategies for building effective stakeholder and community relations for early, respectful, and transparent engagement as an integral part of a strong regulatory approval system, and the project life cycle. Course emphasis is placed on how to observe, balance, and prioritize community interests through authentic consultation. In local and international contexts, cultural acuity, dialogue, and resolution principles are featured as key to corporate social responsibility and good governance.

Course Details

This course explores key principles in effective community engagement, planning, and roles and responsibilities for governments and industry stakeholders. Participants will be provided with a hands-on experience of resolving conflicts and addressing concerns through case studies and group exercises, which consider differing geographic and social settings of various jurisdictions.

We look at dynamics within:

1. The 5 core application principles in community engagement;
2. Community engagement planning, from short to long term;
3. Government roles and opportunities;
4. Engagement with developers;


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