Course Description

Fiscal management requires a sound understanding of royalty and taxation structures.  These instruments create sustainable and predictable revenues, optimize public benefit, and foster a competitive system that attracts industry investment or furthers state-owned investment funds.

In this critical course, learn when and how legislation is developed, master the drivers behind regulatory processes, and gain a solid understanding of fiscal policy in resource development funds.

Course Details

Fiscal Governance and Resource Management is a deep dive into policy issues and best practices in the collection, management, and disbursement of resource revenues. 

The module will include:
1. Evaluations of tax and royalty systems, including sovereign wealth funds;
2. Tax collection mechanisms;
3. Resource revenue savings and investment strategies. 

Participants will be provided with hands-on experience in evaluating resource taxation and royalty regimes, and will ideally have a degree or background in economics, business, or some other discipline that has exposed them to quantitative methods.


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