Course Description

For resource development to effectively balance social, economic, and environmental factors, integrated policy systems and processes must be present.

This foundational certificate is focused on the construction of transparent, predictable, and efficient regulatory frameworks.  Whether in conventional or unconventional resource industries, developing or competitive markets,  learn how to properly meet criteria for regulatory objectives.

Course Details

Through Regulatory and Legislative Regimes: Energy and Mineral Markets, students will receive a comprehensive overview of sound regulatory frameworks which allow for orderly resource development while ensuring that the risks or harms to the public, workers, and the environment are appropriately mitigated. 

A regulatory framework must recognize
1. The state and stage of resource development, from exploration to maturity,
2. The capacity and maturity of the industry players;
3. A contextualized and fit-for-purpose model as the resource play matures. 

Participants will explore how to assess risks, risk mitigation, regulation as risk mitigation, regulatory regimes, organizational design of regulatory institutions, compliance and enforcement, and stakeholder engagement.


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