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This presentation will provide a brief historical overview of colonization in Canada and examine how this legacy continues to affect Indigenous people today through a process known as intergenerational trauma. Participants will then be provided an overview of how they can recognize indicators of intergenerational trauma with Indigenous individuals, families, and communities. The presentation will conclude with best practices in how to provide supports to Indigenous populations from a culturally sensitive trauma informed approach.

Speaker: Joanna Gladue is a Cree Indigenous woman, originating from the Bigstone Cree Nation reserve in Calling Lake Alberta. Joanna has worked with Alberta Health Services for over five years; currently in a Senior Advisor position with the Indigenous Wellness Core. Joanna supervises a team within the IWC that is focused on increasing cultural competency and safety within AHS staff.

Aside from her work with AHS, Joanna has a Masters in Counseling Psychology, and provides trauma therapy to Indigenous clients and families. She utilizes components of traditional Indigenous healing methods and mainstream therapeutic approaches. 

In her free time, Joanna enjoys spending time with her two children; aged 24 and 17. Both she and her children are also very involved in the Indigenous community of Edmonton; attending pow wow’s, round dances and other community events.  Joanna is also an Indigenous artisan; selling beadwork at local craft sales, alongside her daughter and partner.  Joanna is grounded in cultural beliefs and adheres to these teachings in all aspects of her life.

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Course Details

By completion of this course, learners will be able to:
1.  Learn about the affect of colonization in Canada on Indigenous peoples
2.  Examine the legacy of the affect of colonization 
3.  Explore the indicators of intergenerational trauma
4.  Identify best practices for support to Indigenous populations from a culturally sensitive trauma approach 

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