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This session will be a chance for participants to ask questions about the risks, challenges and opportunities around Global Learning experiences. Along with curriculum and program design there are many other things to consider in the planning, such as risk management and health, safety and wellness concerns. Participants will hear from campus risk management experts and be able to ask experienced global learning instructors about some of the more common dos and don’ts of planning, delivering, and surviving (or even enjoying) these types of programs. This is workshop four in a series of four. For fulsome understanding of global learning, and how to embed it in your courses, it is highly recommended that you register for all four sessions. You can register for each session on the TI course calendar.

Learning Outcomes

  • Deepened their understanding of the unique risk management, health, safety and wellness considerations related to Global Learning programs
  • Heard about a range of tips and strategies experienced global learning instructors use to overcome challenges and create opportunities with Global EL 
  • Located potential mentors and resources to help them through next steps in their planning to mitigate risks and amplify positive Global learning experiences 

Panelists Include

  • Lisa Stowe is the Director, Experiential Education with the Taylor Institute for Teaching and Learning
  • Kara Loy is an Educational Development Consultant (Experiential Learning and Undergraduate Research) with the Taylor Institute for Teaching and Learning
  • Collen Packer is the Director, Global Learning with University of Calgary International
  • Teri Jones is the Manager, Education Abroad with University of Calgary International

Please note: Registration will close 48 hours before each workshop. Participants will receive relevant Zoom information via email at least 1 hour before the designated start time.


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