Course Description

In global learning experiences, students are often embedded in learning cohorts that travel together, complete assignments together and/or manage challenges like time and cultural differences or language barriers. Group dynamics can make or break students’ and instructors’ experiences in these learning contexts. This session will explore why group dynamics are an essential component of global learning experiences and participants will hear about a number of strategies they can implement in setting the stage for good group cohesion in their global learning contexts. Participants will then apply some of these strategies to their own programs. This is workshop three in a series of four. For fulsome understanding of global learning, and how to embed it in your courses, it is highly recommended that you register for all four sessions. You can register for each session on the TI course calendar.

By the end of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Acquired an understanding of the importance that group dynamics play in student learning during Global EL
  • Generated and assessed some ideas of what types of group dynamic strategies might be useful for their own global learning contexts
  • Accessed a repertoire of exercises to foster group cohesion and inter-cultural competencies

Please note: Registration will close 48 hours before each workshop. Participants will receive relevant Zoom information via email at least 1 hour before the designated start time.


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