Course Description

This course describes how to conduct a single session of counseling that enables the client to leave the session with ideas for next steps in addressing the most pressing concern. Participants will learn a “single session mindset” that enhances confidence in conducting single sessions. The workshop describes how to quickly develop a therapeutic alliance and basic principles for conducting single sessions. Common worries and concerns about single sessions will be addressed. Note: no specific model of psychotherapy is taught in the course. The therapeutic principles described can fit for many models of psychotherapy.

This course is valuable for: Registered mental health professionals or post-graduates working toward registration and Graduate students in mental health professions

Arnie Slive, Ph.D. is a Licensed Psychologist (Texas) and AAMFT Clinical Fellow and Approved Supervisor. His interests are in brief, strength-based, systemic psychotherapy, program development, supervision, and teaching. He has published in the areas of family therapy, residential treatment, adolescence, and single session/walk-in therapy. He has worked in hospital mental health, residential treatment, children’s mental health, and private practice. In Calgary, he was a founder of the Eastside Family Centre, a walk-in single-session counseling center, and was Clinical Director of Wood’s Homes. He has a career interest in developing strategies to make mental health increasingly accessible. He is a past president of the Alberta Association of Marriage and Family Therapy. He is the recipient of the Divisional Contribution Award (AAMFT) and the Innovative Services to Families Award (Alberta Division, AAMFT). He was a Fulbright Specialist teaching walk-in/single-session services in Canada. He is co-editor of WHEN ONE HOUR IS ALL YOU HAVE: EFFECTIVE COUNSELING FOR WALK-IN CLIENTS (2011) and One At A Time: Single-Session Therapy By Walk-In Or Appointment (2018). He is visiting professor at Our Lady of the Lake University and a part-time psychotherapist and consultant to Wellness Together Canada and Stepped Care Solutions

Course Details

By the completion of this course, successful students will be able to:

1. Describe the single session mindset
2. Outline specific therapeutic guidelines for conducting single sessions
3. Describe how to address risk issues in a single session
4. Learn to incorporate walk-in single sessions in your own practices

Recommended textbooks/course materials:

• Slive, Arnold B., & Bobele, M. (2011) (eds.) When One Hour is All You Have: Effective Therapy for Walk-in Clients. Phoenix: Zeig, Tucker & Theisen.
ISBN: 978-1-934442-37-1
• Bobele, M. & Slive, M. (2021). An open invitation to walk-in therapy: Opening access to mental health care, in Hoyt, M, Young, J. & Rycroft, P. (eds.) Single Session Thinking and Practice Going Global: Expanding Applications: Routledge
• Slive, A. & Bobele, M. (2019). Ideas for addressing doubts about walk-in/single-session therapy. Journal of Systemic Therapies, 38 (4) 17-30


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