Course Description

Course Description: 

This course positions learners to understand the composition of the development and construction sector and the role of a construction manager responsible to execute projects on spec, time, and budget. The course includes topics related to traditional and progressive project delivery models, specialized management platforms tailored to execute projects across the full asset class and building typology spectrum, and trends on challenges and opportunities related to sustainability and the impacts of the fourth industrial revolution and climate change. 

Gain a comprehensive understanding of the development life cycle, organizational structures, contractual agreements, planning, procurement, performance management, locational factors, and leadership ethos. The course incorporates expert guest speaker perspectives, in-depth case studies of projects executed with best practices, and examples of failed / distressed projects from across Canada to show the dynamic world of development and the impact of ineffective and poor management platforms. 


Course Learning Objectives: 

  1. Gain an in-depth understanding of the real estate development sector, project delivery models, contracts, and their parties
  2. Recognize dynamic variables that impact project execution conditions and context
  3. Outline sectoral subgroup profiling, differentiating features, and fundamental building systems
  4. Compare and contrast the seven distinct states of a development life cycle
  5. Describe the roles and responsibilities of a development manager
  6. Analyze case studies to practice using critical management platforms to underwrite and execute projects with corresponding project funding/financing structures and conditions



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