Course Description

This course teaches students the foundational concepts and processes to plan out and monitor business analysis activities for a project. 

Course Details

Projects come in all different forms and sizes. Within a project, there are many phases, each with a set of deliverables. The Business Analysis Planning Phase is no exception - it is a vital phase of the project consisting of several activities and exercises. The deliverables that come out of this phase become the groundwork for subsequent phases.

Students will learn why planning is important, how to evaluate the project scope, determine the activities and deliverables required for the business analysis work, create an overall strategy and execute against the plan and monitor progress.

Course Level Learning Outcomes

By completion of this course, successful students will be able to:

  • Assess the project environment and select the planning technique(s) for the business analysis work
  • Apply the technique(s) learned to create relevant plans
  • Develop a process to regularly review and adapt the business analysis plan to project changes
  • Recognize the deliverables required for the project
  • Differentiate the business analysis plan from the overall project plan

Topics of Instruction

  • Introduction to business analysis planning
  • Prepare your approach
  • Prepare for stakeholder engagement
  • Develop a BA plan
  • Determine governance approach
  • Organize and manage business analysis information
  • Monitor and improve your plan
  • Develop a BA monitoring plan
  • Plan and monitor with Agile

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