Course Description

Learn about current waste management systems; types, characteristics and sources of waste; technologies for waste treatment and disposal; and the development of waste reduction plans. This course will focus on practical applications, government regulations and best practices related to: storage, collection and waste transfer; reduction, recovery and recycling; biological conversion; and energy recovery. You will learn how to: develop operating and management strategies; create waste minimization plans; apply auditing techniques and recognize issues related to risk and liability.

Formerly: Waste Management I and II

Course Details

Upon successful completion of this course, you will be better able to:

  • Understand the driving forces for responsible waste management
  • Comprehend the liabilities associated with waste management
  • Recognize the responsibilities of the role-players in waste management programs
  • Recognize the key jurisdictions that regulate waste management in Alberta
  • Identify the characteristics of waste
  • Develop a conceptual waste management system
  • Recognize the general technical requirements to locate and operate solid waste management facilities
  • Recognize advantages and disadvantages of pertinent treatment and disposal options

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