Course Description

This workshop focuses on the concepts and contexts of power and privilege. What does it mean to have privilege? The workshop will consider how social identities (for example sexuality, gender, race, class, and religion) provide or deny privilege? Are we able to identify whether we have the privilege and how our actions might reflect such privilege? How do power and privilege impact disparities? In what ways can power and privilege be applied to break the cycle of oppression? This workshop explores these questions, offering participants an opportunity to examine ways in which social identities create power and privilege and perpetuate oppression.

Instructor Bio:

William Yimbo is a Senior Advisor in the Office of Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion. He holds a BA in Political Science and Economics from the University of Nairobi, Kenya, a graduate diploma in International Relations from the Institute of Social Studies in the Netherlands, an MA in Public Affairs, and a Ph.D. in Mass Communication from the University of Minnesota, USA.

As a Senior Advisor, Dr. Yimbo develops and delivers equity, diversity, and inclusion workshops to staff, faculty, and students across the university. He previously worked as a diversity advisor in immigration and settlement services. In this role, he delivered diversity education and advocated for equity and inclusivity in government services for Canada’s newcomer communities. Dr. Yimbo has an extensive career background and experience in public and foreign policy administration in Kenya, Africa.

Course Details

By completion of this course, successful students/Field Instructors will be able to:

  • Learn about bias and develop skills for allyship and taking steps towards equity and inclusion.

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