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The workshop will emphasize what is called the “single-session mindset”; a set of ideas that enhance the confidence of psychotherapists that positive and long-standing outcomes often occur in a single-session. It will briefly describe how a single-session is organized and some of the therapeutic principles. It should be noted that many models of psychotherapy are effectively utilized in single-sessions, but this presenter emphasizes strength-based resource-focused approaches such as solution-focused and narrative therapies. The benefits to a community of the walk-in, the open-access option will also be discussed.

Depending on the time allowed, a video of an actual walk-in session will be presented. Slides will be shown to emphasize key points and a handout describing key principles and references will be provided.

Instructor Bio:

Arnie Slive, Ph.D. is a Licensed Psychologist (Texas) and AAMFT Clinical Fellow and Approved Supervisor. His interests are in brief, strength-based, systemic psychotherapy, program development, supervision, and teaching. He has published in the areas of family therapy, residential treatment, adolescence, and single session/walk-in therapy. He has worked in hospital mental health, residential treatment, children’s mental health, and private practice. In Calgary, he was a founder of the Eastside Family Centre, a walk-in single-session counseling center, and was Clinical Director of Wood’s Homes. He has a career interest in developing strategies to make mental health increasingly accessible. He is a past president of the Alberta Association of Marriage and Family Therapy. He is the recipient of the Divisional Contribution Award (AAMFT) and the Innovative Services to Families Award (Alberta Division, AAMFT). He was a Fulbright Specialist teaching walk-in/single-session services in Canada. He is co-editor of When One Hour Is All You Have: Effective Counseling for Walk-in Clients (2011) and One At A Time: Single-Session Therapy By Walk-In Or Appointment (2018). He is visiting professor at Our Lady of the Lake University and a part-time psychotherapist and consultant to Wellness Together Canada and Stepped Care Solutions.

Course Details

By completion of this course, successful students will be able to:

  • Describe how a single-session is organized
  • Describe some the therapeutic principles
  • Outline the benefits to a community of the walk-in, open-access option

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