Course Description

This course addresses assertiveness in a variety of challenging situations and gives you opportunities to practise improving and maintaining an assertive style under pressure. Whether you are negotiating an important issue, expressing your thoughts and feelings in a conflict or standing firm under pressure, the ability to assert yourself is crucial to reaching outcomes that work for you. In conflict situations, it can be especially difficult to maintain an assertive stance rather than overreacting or selling yourself short.

Course Details

Course Learning Outcomes

By completion of this course, successful students will be able to:

  • Analyze and demonstrate the appropriate relationship between asserting and listening in collaborative conflict resolution.
  • Differentiate between passive, aggressive, assertive and passive-aggressive language and actions.
  • Identify own use of assertion and describe strategies for overcoming personal assertion challenges.
  • Use “I” language, descriptive language plus listening skills to assert point of view and interests in a collaborative conflict resolution process.
  • Use asserting and listening skills appropriately to set limits on objectionable behaviour.
  • Use asserting and listening skills to respond to pressure and to express non-negotiables.
  • Respond to typical aggressive and defensive responses to assertion by using listening and defusing skills non-defensively.
  • Display an increasing level of self-awareness regarding own assertive communication.

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