Course Description

This workshop series is aimed towards faculty engaged in curriculum development projects in the context of programs or individual courses that involve Indigenous ways of knowing, being, connecting and doing.  The concepts, practices and approaches explore and expand upon the Indigenous Guiding Principles for Curriculum Development Projects which are shaped by ii’ taa’poh’to’p, University of Calgary’s Indigenous Strategy and outline core values that should be considered by faculty who are undertaking new program/course development or are redesigning programs/courses.  Consisting of four separate workshops, this series will spark ongoing dialogue about curriculum processes and assumptions to provoke thoughtful reflection and intentional planning thus enabling the UCalgary academic community to work towards developing transformative, parallel processes so Indigenous faculty, staff and community can see themselves reflected in curriculum, both in the process of developing the content and in the content itself.

These workshops can be taken separately, but due to the scaffolded nature of the series, we recommend that they be attended in order.

By the end of the series, learners should be able to:

  • Reflect on the differences between Indigenous and Western knowledge systems
  • Identify how personal values and beliefs shape curriculum processes
  • Explore the role of relationships and accountability in curriculum processes
  • Analyze approaches to validating knowledge in the institution
  • Evaluate current approaches to curriculum development in comparison to Indigenous processes
  • Conceptualize a curriculum project that incorporates Indigenous Guiding Principles for Curriculum Development

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