Course Description

The EDI Workshop Series is a compilation of workshops focusing on key issues related to equity, diversity, and inclusion within the post-secondary context. A key aim of the series is to highlight how systemic inequities manifest in post-secondary environment and ways in which educators can move towards inclusive and equitable teaching practices, catering to the learning needs of all their students. Topics include microaggressions, ableism, intersectionality, power dynamics, and anti-racism. Workshops will be offered monthly, and participants will be required to register to attend. Participants are encouraged to attend as many workshops as they can to gain new (and further) their understanding of EDI.  

In this series, participants will have the opportunity to:

  • Recognize how instructional practices can create barriers to learners and challenge those practices
  • Explore best practices to combat microaggressions within their own teaching practices
  • Define intersectionality and explain the relationship of this concept to equity, diversity, and inclusion
  • Reflect on personal beliefs and how it impacts their pedagogical practices

Through delivery of these workshops, the purpose is to provide support to academic staff members in their endeavour to understand, reflect upon, and gain confidence in applying EDI principles into their pedagogy.

Please note: Registration will close 48 hours before each workshop. Participants will receive relevant Zoom information via email at least 1 hour before the designated start time.


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