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Community-Engaged Learning (CEL) is a form of experiential learning that is distinguished by partnerships between educational institutions and community for teaching, learning, and research purposes. Co-operative Education and Work-Integrated Learning Canada (CEWIL Canada) defines CEL as a form Work-Integrated Learning (WIL) which “integrates meaningful community service with classroom instruction and critical reflection to enrich the learning experience and strengthen communities” (CEWIL 2021). At UCalgary “CEL activities are designed in partnership with community organizations to address a community-identified need. They seek to cultivate a sense of civic consciousness, to address social issues, and to contribute to the public good (adapted from Brown University, 2019). Through CEL, students gain valuable practical experience from applying their academic learning to community projects and/or placements, while community partners benefit from student skills and a mutually beneficial partnership with the university. CEL experiences come in a variety of forms, from community placements and course-based projects to Knowledge-Keeper Guided Learning and land-based education. 

In this roundtable, we will focus our CEL lens on the Faculty of Science and Cumming School of Medicine, connecting with faculty members from diverse departments who integrate CEL into their courses and programs in unique ways. By focusing on these distinct faculties, we will hone in on the specific needs, benefits, and challenges of integrating CEL into a Science or Medical course/program. Our panel of faculty members will discuss their experiences with CEL, how it has impacted their teaching and learning practices, and answer participants’ questions related to this form of experiential learning. 

 By the end of this workshop, participants will:

  • Define and differentiate CEL from other forms of WIL and experiential learning. 
  • Compare the logistics, benefits, and challenges of different forms of curricular CEL in the Faculty of Science and Cumming School of Medicine. 
  • Identify the impacts of CEL on classroom teaching and learning for faculty, students, and community partners.

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