Course Description

In this series of workshops, graduate students working as TAs or interested in working as TAs will be introduced to pedagogical topics relevant to their roles as TAs. In addition, special focus will be given to introducing them to skills essential to succeed in their respective courses.  All topics in this series will be explored under the lens of student-centered learning and inclusive teaching practices. 

By the end of this workshop series, participants will behave the opportunity to: 

  • Navigate and customize D2L course shells 
  • Use classroom management strategies to promote positive TA-student relationships in different course environments
  • Identify and apply appropriate assessment methods to evaluate student learning
  • Recognize the importance of and the strategies to engage in critical reflection of teaching practices
  • Identify ways to foster ongoing professional development in teaching and learning
  • Create a community based on teaching and learning for TAs 

Participants can enroll for all/any of the workshop sessions included in this series.  

Please note: Registration will close 2 business days before each workshop. Participants will receive relevant Zoom information via email at least 1 hour before the designated start time.


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