Course Description

*Formerly CPE 150*


Course Description: 

The success of failure of development projects relies heavily on the strength of a sales team and the strategies that drive them every day. Development projects must re-evaluate their sales processes and practices regularly based on economic and real estate market fluctuations. Learn proven strategies and practices to deliver sales results. This course includes topics related to project pricing, prospect communication, lead generation, effective database management, perceived value, and sales centre pathing. In collaboration with peers, interact with expert guest speakers, senior leaders, and examples of sales practices from across Canada.


Course Learning Outcomes: 

  1. Gain a high-level understanding of sales components including creative briefs, naming, brand development, target audiences, competitive research, sales plans, pricing and absorption strategy, sales compensation program, marketing plan and associate budget, resource allocation.
  2. Practice competitive strategies to generate consumer interest, excitement, and presales.
  3. Research target audience, lifestyle groups, and competition to inform sales strategies
  4. Evaluate how fluctuations in the economy and regional residential housing market impacts sales practices using case studies from across Canada
  5. Locate resources and tools to build brand presence and positioning statement.
  6. Present a credible sales and marketing brand for a multi-family development project
  7. Interact with real estate sales experts to recognize techniques to set goals, build rapport, and sell real estate successfully

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