Course Description

*Formerly CPE 111*

Course Description: 

Real estate law influences every specialized area of practice in the real estate industry. This course is intended to be an introductory and broad-based course which covers various aspects of real estate law and legislation related to real estate and property in Canada. Participants will interact with case studies, project work, and expert industry guest speakers. Topics covered include: real property principles, the legal steps of real estate transactions such as purchases, sales, mortgages, and leases; government regulations of land, and dispute resolution.

Course Learning Outcomes: 

  1. Review and understand the foundations of real property law. 
  2. Understand the legal steps involved in real estate transactions. 
  3. Recognize common encumbrances and their implications. 
  4. Understand how the various levels of government impact the development of land. 
  5. Understand key aspects of commercial leases. 
  6. Understand dispute resolution options. 
  7. Better communicate with legal and related professional advisors using your knowledge gained in the course. 

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