Course Description

The Development Tier (Level 2) is the second level of the Engineering Leadership Program, a 3 year co-curricular certificate program.

The Development Tier takes place during the Fall & Winter Semesters of every school year. Through engaging in core workshops and self-directed modules, students will learn skills to be a leader while also being part of a team; topics include: complementary roles & team dynamics, difficult conversations, emotional intelligence, and project management. 

Students participate in events & workshops that take place on average once a month. These workshops and events are typically 1.5 - 2 hours, offered in-person, virtually, and online asynchronous. Total involvement hours is approximately 20.

By fulfilling requirements, students can:

  • earn a digital badge for the successful completion of the Development tier (can be displayed on LinkedIn/resume)
  • earn a Certificate of Recognition by participating in all 3 tiers/levels of the program (Foundations Tier, Development Tier, Excellence Tier)
  • continue their leadership learning and development

Development Tier, Engineering Leadership Program components:

  • Opening & closing events
  • 6 core workshops
  • 2 term reflections & surveys
  • Full day conference (a Saturday in March/April)



First time users will be asked to login or create a new account. Under "Known UCID / Other Names on Record (if any)" please make sure to input your UCID. This is critical with ensuring that you are registered properly and can access the leadership course on D2L. 

Registration for the 2023-2024 year occurs by enrolling in SSL 200 - 003: Development Tier (Level 2).

Registration is free and the deadline to register is: Tuesday, Sept. 12th @ 11:59pm.

Any questions? E-mail schulich.leadership@ucalgary.ca


SSL 100: Foundations Tier (Level 1) - Engineering Leadership Program 

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