Course Description


Diversity and inclusion (D&I) has become a business imperative for organizations all over the world. However there remains widespread confusion around what inclusion is and how to create it in everyday workplace situations. In short, most organizations have already made the case for the “why” of inclusion – but few have found ways to equip their people with the skills they need to be inclusive leaders. 

Course Details

Learning Journey

Cutting edge digital learning design puts participants into interactive and practical learning modules that will transform their ability to create inclusive teams.

Learning Outcomes 

Upon completion of the program, you will:

• Understand the current landscape of D&I

• Gain insight into current debates within the discourse

• Clearly articulate your position on D&I

• Understand your role in creating the inclusivity you want

• Learn the tactics of inclusive communication

• Become comfortable using common and less common D&I terms

• Develop empathy, humility and respect as part of your personal brand


Who will Benefit 

Inclusive Leadership offers a learning experience that can be delivered across companies and borders. This is an immersive, interactive digital program designed to provide leaders with the concrete tools they need to become inclusive leaders who create an environment where the benefits of diversity can be realized. Inclusive Leadership enables participants to confidently get the most out of diverse teams by making every person they work with feel included.


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