Course Description

This session will introduce students to a process for locating research on a topic. It will begin by introducing question frameworks, which is one way of identifying the important concepts in their research question. Students will then look at how to create a search strategy for an individual concept incorporating synonyms and operators. Finally, the session will demonstrate how to execute a search in a multi-disciplinary database, apply filters and other strategies to broaden or narrow a search, and showcase some of the advanced functionality available in the database.

Please note that this workshop is only open to 2021 PURE Award recipients and will be recorded.

At the end of this session participants will be able to:

  • Create a focused research question using a question framework
  • Create a search string containing synonyms for a given concept
  • Utilize operators such as truncation, forced phrase searching, and Boolean operators
  • Identify strategies to broaden or narrow their search
  • Identify highly cited papers on a specific topic

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