Course Description

Business leaders and decision makers are increasingly reliant on data, and learning analytics has become a valuable tool for understanding and optimizing learning. Explore the various approaches and methods to learning analytics, evaluate learning analytics tools, and examine implementation challenges.

Learning analytics involves the measurement, collection, analysis, and reporting of data about learners and their context. Identify patterns, and determine whether learning investments drive desired business outcomes and improve staff productivity.

Course Details

This course is designed for learning and development practitioners, instructional designers, human resource and training managers, IT professionals who work with HR and learning departments, and facilitators transitioning into digital learning roles. It is ideal for any professional who has an interest using data to gain insights and drive improvements in workplace learning.

Course Learning Outcomes

By completion of this course, successful students will be able to:

  • Explain how learning analytics informs business decisions
  • Evaluate learning analytics approaches and tools
  • Discuss ethical issues in relation to learning analytics


  • Learning analytics definition
  • Learning analytics approaches
  • Tools overview
  • Uses and analysing existing learning
  • Issues concerning ethics and privacy
  • Implementation of analytic techniques and technologies

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