Course Description

A program in partnership with movement51.

This program is part of the Canadian Women’s Foundation Investment Readiness Program funded by the Government of Canada's Social Innovation/Social Finance Strategy.

The Financial Feminism Investing Lab builds early-stage investing capacity for feminist investors that appreciates the role of women-led start-ups in our society for economic and social impact. In this six-week program, you will learn how to tackle the following pre- and post-investment phases:

  • Evaluate: Early-stage investing
  • Invest: Logistics of early-stage investment
  • Monitor: Performance assessment
  • Contribute: Governance for growth

Course Details

Upon completing this program, you will:

  • Develop strategies, techniques, and frameworks to analyze early-stage investment opportunities, including start-ups
  • Build a technical knowledge base for early-stage investing, including a background in legal and governance structures
  • Gain knowledge of essential documents in the investment process, including term sheets and expression of interest
  • Understand gender-based issues impact early-stage investment decisions
  • Create your investment thesis for investing in new ventures
  • What is the impact of gender on investment decision making, and how does it influence access to capital?


You will benefit from this learning experience if you are interested in exploring the following questions:

  • How do I develop my unique investment thesis to invest in new ventures?
  • What financial knowledge do I need to invest in early-stage ventures?
  • How do I conduct due diligence on early-stage ventures I am looking to invest in?
  • How do I connect with a community of like-minded investors?
  • How do I connect with the innovation ecosystem in Calgary and beyond?

Fees: $999


To register for our next cohort use this link (will direct you to movement51's registration page): FFIL Spring Cohort | April 4 - May 9, 2024 — Movement51 

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