Course Description

In an era of controversies and polarization over science, students require evidence-informed strategies to navigate public debates. 

Critical reflection (CR) is a structured approach to teaching and learning that is central to professional health and education training, qualitative social science, and emerging forms of scientific governance. CR is a 21st century skill that promotes critical thinking and can enhance scientific integrity and transparency by fostering the examination of values, beliefs, and power. 

This workshop engages participants in discussion about CR and its application in undergraduate science curricula and classrooms. Participants will:

  • Become familiar with the conceptual foundations of CR as a structured learning approach in undergraduate science.
  • Hear about how CR can support teaching and learning about evidence and uncertainty in controversial issues.
  • Learn from one another about possible applications of CR in the science classroom.  
  • Contribute to an emerging community of practice to enhance CR around science and technology.

Session facilitated by: Gwendolyn Blue and Cynthia Weijs


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