Course Description

Open educational practices such as co-designing an open textbook can provide graduate students with enhanced choice and voice in their education. This workshop will draw on lessons learned from a case study in the Masters of Education program where students collaborated with their instructor to co-design and co-create an open educational resource (OER).


By the end of this workshop, participants will:

  • Develop an awareness of the importance of open learning readiness.
  • Become familiar with a design model for open education that can be adapted and used across disciplines and levels.
  • Be able to explain the connections between open education and authentic, experiential learning experiences.
  • Become aware of some challenges that can arise when employing open educational practices, as well as strategies to address them.
  • Be able to locate resources and expertise at UCalgary to support them in adopting open educational practices.


Session facilitated by: Christie Hurrell, Verena Roberts, Michele Jacobsen, and Nicole Neutzling.  


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