Course Description

Never before has the ability to lead and inspire through virtual communication been so critical for leaders. Yet the challenges of knitting remote teams together are many. Leaders must understand how virtual teams thrive, the new norms and opportunities distributed work presents and the new rules for success when listening, speaking and leading.

Going “Beyond Zoom”: Video calls are only one channel to lead and communicate. The most effective leaders embrace the many channels available to teams to create connection, fuel engagement and drive high performance.

Every member of an organization needs to learn how to use and define norms of communication across:

  • VIDEO calls, conferences, meetings
  • VOICE phone calls, voice messages
  • MESSAGING chat, social boards
  • EMAIL (not dead yet!)

Course Details

Through this interactive online program, you will learn how to:

Set your mind to lead

  • Explore the challenges and opportunities remote work presents
  • Take stock of your communication habits and those of your team
  • Articulate your own preferences and boundaries and communicate these to your team

Engage and inspire with effective communication

  • Be intentional about how you develop relationships
  • Create and hold space for others in a variety of virtual communication contexts
  • Articulate and reinforce strong team behaviours and communication norms

Apply tools and techniques for virtual connection

  • Structure meetings for maximum efficiency
  • Choose the right communication medium for your message
  • Develop a strong virtual presence

This program is for leaders at all levels who wish to enhance their ability to lead and inspire through virtual communication.
This course will be led by experienced professional consultants from The Humphrey Group, Inc.

Please visit the Humphrey Group’s website for details: thehumphreygroup.com


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