Course Description

How to recognize students' achievements in a course beyond course credit? How to motivate students to hone skills that are not associated with grades? Come to this workshop to explore various ways to motivate students by utilizing D2L Awards tool and Leaderboard with intentional design.

D2L Awards tool enables instructors to issue either badges or certificates to students to recognize completion and accomplishments. Leaderboard, along with D2L badges, helps create a friendly competition by displaying ranks in comparison to peers. Students can collect and share their D2L badges and certificates to demonstrate their learning and capabilities. D2L Awards tool and Leaderboard could also help gamify learning and make the learning process fun and engaging. 

By the end of the workshop, you should be able to:

  • create D2L badges and certificates in D2L courses,
  • issue D2L badges and certificates to students manually,
  • set up D2L course to issue badges and certificate automatically, 
  • add Leaderboard to your D2L course nav bar,
  • integrate D2L badges and Leaderboard to create a fun and competitive learning environment.

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