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This session will introduce teaching and learning strategies that promote students’ critical reflection through image production. As Arnheim (1969 & 1977) notes, visual thinking assists in problem solving and expands imagination. In this workshop, we will discuss the role image-making has in the development of visual thinking and learning.  We will also explore how visual thinking - fostered through the creation of digital photos, e-zines, and visual journals in communication and media studies classrooms - develops students’ visual literacy and comprehension of abstract concepts. Examples of student work will showcase different scenarios in the visual thinking learning process. 
By the end of this workshop, attendees will have developed a draft of an assignment that promotes students’ learning of disciplinary specific material through visual thinking. Participants will also be able to identify ways to promote visual thinking by modifying or supplementing existing assignments that do not yet have a visual component.

Facilitators: Dr. Victoria Guglietti, Dr. Samantha Thrift, Nicolette Little, PhD Candidate


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