Course Description

The theme of the Development tier, the second level of the Engineering Leadership Program, is teamwork and group dynamics. We will look at how cohesion within a team can lead to greater trust, innovation, and success overall. We will explore the topic of teamwork by revisiting our strengths and identifying strategic partnerships. Lastly, we will focus on how you can still be a leader within a team even when you do not hold a position of power. 

For this session, we will:

  • 1) Recap the learning from the Foundations year and Leadership Program expectations
  • 2) Revisit your CliftonStrengths Top 5 Results and examine the "balcony" and "basement" of these top 5 strengths
  • 3) Take a closer look at team dynamics

To prepare for this session:

1) Recall your top 5 strengths from the assessment taken previously

You may have already taken the strengths assessment using your UCalgary e-mail address. You are permitted to take the assessment once for free through your UCalgary account. If you have forgotten your password, you can go through the steps to create a new one in order to retrieve your results: https://ucalgary.gallup.com/signin/default.aspx#home


Course Details

SSL 201 is the first session of the Development tier of the Engineering Leadership Program.


Registration for the Development tier of the Engineering Leadership Program takes place by enrolling in SSL 201, the first session of the Development tier. Detailed instructions about this session will be communicated prior to the session.


Successful completion of the Foundations tier is a prerequisite for enrolling in the Development tier of the Engineering Leadership Program.

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