Course Description

Starting with the general question of “How does the Experiential Learning cycle differ from a more traditional learning cycle?”, and moving into “What do I want students to know?” and “How do I want them to know it through an EL activity?,” participants will be guided through the process of developing and aligning course learning outcomes with Kolb’s experiential learning cycle. This workshop will show how meaningful experiential learning starts with an understanding of the different phases of the experiential learning cycle. Participants will use Kolb’s cycle develop or refine their own course or program learning outcomes.

Learning Objectives: 

  • Participants will define Kolb’s Experiential Learning Cycle and apply it to designing EL activities 
  • Participants will create learning objectives that consider Kolb’s EL cycle and overall course 
  • Participants will design or revise an EL activity using course learning objectives to ensure that meaningful learning is taking place.
  • Participants will apply a reflective practice to articulate the impact of designing EL activities using the EL cycle and begin to ask meaningful questions about alignment to student learning outcomes

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