Course Description

Digital Disruption in Commercialization: Maintaining Your Competitive Advantage

Customers’ expectations are evolving as developments in technology accelerate. Throughout the buyer decision process, technology has changed the customer’s rules of engagement.

Have you talked to a chatbot yet? Haver you received personalized promotions or engaged with your favourite brand in non-traditional ways. These are just a few examples on how digital disruptions are changing the way companies commercialize their market offering, get new customers and nurture existing customer relationships.

Retail, customer service, inventory systems, and communication channels, are only a few of the areas that have been disrupted. From customer management software to artificial intelligence (AI), at every stage of the customer journey, there is potential for digital disruption that organizations need to consider to maintain their competitive advantage. Explore how technology impacts how any organization markets its products or services.

This course is designed for non-technical individuals.

Course Details

Course Learning Level Outcomes

By completion of this course, successful students will be able to:

  • Identify technology disruptions and solutions at different stages of a product or service offering
  • Describe different platforms and tools that support a marketing strategy
  • Recognize the areas of opportunity to use technology that an organization should focus on to help build and maintain its competitive advantage

Topics of Instruction

  • AI applications in customer service technologies
  • Technology impact in retailing
  • Platforms and tools used to enhance customer-driven marketing
  • Social and behavioural advertising technology
  • Challenges and risks of customer data privacy such as legislation and compliance

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