Course Description

Join the Taylor Institute for Teaching and Learning (TI) and University of Calgary International (UCI) on Tuesday, February 25, 2020 as they partner to facilitate discussions about teaching successful, academically solid, and experientially rich Group Study Programs (GSPs). GSPs bring students and instructors geographically, culturally and linguistically closer to key questions, ideas and experiences within the discipline. As experiential learning, they present unique opportunities and challenges to engage and assess student learning abroad. During the panel, three experts from across campus will share their experiences, challenges and lessons learned about teaching and learning in GSPs around the globe: Rita Yembilah (Department of Archaeology and Anthropology), Darren Sjogren (Department of Geography) and Francisco Alaniz Uribe (School of Architecture, Planning and Landscape). Afterwards, participants will be invited to brainstorm and receive feedback on their GSP ideas with panelists, TI and UCI staff. 


By the end of this session, participants will be able to: 


  • Define what types of GSPs exist by disciplinary focus, durations and locations
  • Understand how teaching in a GSP is different than teaching on campus
  • List key teaching and learning considerations for GSPs, such as aligning learning objectives with location and creating unique assignments and assessments

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