Course Description

Cybersecurity: Risk, Trends and Solutions

Technology has changed our life by making it easier and more comfortable in the way we communicate, work, shop, etc. However with the proliferation of new technologies, the opportunities for cyber attacks are also increasing at a rapid pace. Learn about the elements of cyber security, current trends and ways companies can potentially mitigate that risk. 

This course is aimed at individuals in a managerial role and those who want to gain an overview of cyber security and broaden their knowledge.

This course is designed for non-technical individuals and does not teach you how to be an IT professional.

Course Details

Course Learning Outcomes

By completion of this course, successful students will be able to:

  • Describe basic security concepts
  • Recognize common elements of cyber security such as malware, breaches and threats.
  • Identify current and new trends on cyber security
  • Learn how cyber security may impact businesses, industries, and even your personal life 

Topics of Instruction

  • Cyber security Fundamentals: basic security concept
  • Overview of regulatory and legal compliance: legislation, monitoring, detection, investigation and response; due diligence and downstream liability; defence in depth, and security from the desktop to the Internet
  • Types of Malware
  • Cyber Security Breaches
  • Critical Cyber Threats
  • Defense Against Hackers
  • Trends

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