Course Description

Offered by the Department of Psychiatry, the Psychiatry Online Literature Review Course provides the opportunity for physicians and residents to discuss current journal articles relevant to psychiatry and their relation to practice.

The focus of the articles will be "Highlights of 2023". All discussions are held online in an asynchronous format so that participants can post their comments at any time. Convenient method for physicians and residents to review journal articles, and their relation to practice with other physicians and residents, from the familiarity of their own office or home computer while earning MOC Section Credits.

Course Details

This course uses distance education (DE) technology to provide continuing medical education opportunities to physicians and residents who have distance and time constraints. At the end of this course, learners will be equipped to:

  • discuss journal articles from the recent psychiatry literature as well as related issues in clinical practice
  • refine journal article critical appraisal skills
  • develop an interactive online learning community of physicians and residents
  • provide a venue for physicians and residents to interact with online learning resources and engage in personal learning
  • apply new knowledge to clinical practice


This online literature review course is run using a collegial journal club format.

  • The course consists of an initial Introductory Conference and is followed by three consecutive online Journal Article Conferences for the discussion of journal articles.
  • The Introductory Conference will be open for one week; however, the introductory conference site will remain open throughout the year for new and established participants to introduce themselves.
  • Each Journal Article Conference runs for a 4 week period and each has up to four articles covering different topics; you can join any or all of them.
  • Each journal article discussion will also include a short knowledge assessment (Section 3).

General psychiatry, psychotherapy, child and adolescent psychiatry and perinatal psychiatry are usually covered. Other topics and articles are chosen based on the top articles published during the 2023 year and on the suggestions and needs assessment of registered participants. Participants will be able to access and download the articles studied online. Staff from the Department of Psychiatry, University of Calgary, will facilitate each online discussion.

The Psychiatry Online Literature Review Course is delivered using the web-based discussion forum on the University of Calgary’s Desire 2 Learn (D2L) learning management system. Participants require access to a computer with an internet connection. D2L access is password
controlled and all discussions are kept strictly confidential. A D2L manual will be provided and the introductory conference will be used for participants to familiarize themselves with the use of the system. All articles will be accessible through personalized access to the University of Calgary online library system.

Four discussion forums are held during each conference, and each conference runs for 4 weeks. Participants can log-on to post comments at anytime from anywhere when it is most convenient to read the comments of others and to post contributions to the discussion. To get maximum benefit from the discussion forums, active participation (e.g. logging-on about twice a week) is recommended to ensure sufficiently in-depth discussion develops. HOWEVER, a minimum of two postings in the 4 week discussion period are required to receive credit for that discussion forum.


Basic knowledge of email, word processing and finding sites on the internet is recommended to manage the technical aspects of the course. CME staff members will offer as much technical assistance as is possible and feasible.

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