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Are you in the middle of a curriculum review? Looking ahead to an upcoming curriculum review? Just generally interested in curriculum review? You are all welcome! This Kickstart Your Curriculum Review series includes three sessions to provide practical information and engaging activities to help get your curriculum review off to a great start and to maintain momentum throughout the process.

This third session, Analyzing Data and Creating Action Plans, is ideal for those who have already started the curriculum mapping process. We will look at sample data sets and discuss strategies for including colleagues, and \even students, in the analysis of your mapping data. We will also look at some sample action plans and discuss how to develop effective action items based on the data you are collecting. There will be \ time for conversation and questions about how to make this process meaningful for your context.

During this workshop, participants will:

  • Analyze data used in the examples
  • Identify strategies for analyzing your own data
  • Develop a plan for having productive curriculum discussions with instructors in your faculty or department
  • Get some ideas for the types of action plan items that may be appropriate for your report
  • Develop effective action plan items
  • Understand the approval process of your report

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9:00AM to 12:00PM
Jan 30, 2020
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