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Trauma Practice will provide both the novice and advanced trauma therapist with the tools, knowledge and skills necessary to begin utilizing Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) in their treatment of trauma survivors. In addition to presenting a didactic foundational understanding of the theoretical tenants of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, this course will provide experiential training in effective approaches inspired by CBT, Neuroplasticity, and the Psychophysiology of trauma. Interventions include: 3-6 Breathing, Trigger List Development, Grounding & Containment, Layring, Expanding Emotions, Hands over Heart Space, Timed-Reflection, Corrective Messages from Old Storylines, Behavior Change Rehearsal Exercise, Thematic Map & Release, Self-Compassion Reflection and reconnection. Treatment applications will be framed within a Tri-Phasic model.

This is a very experiential program and we encourage everyone attending to participate for maximal integration of these interventions.

Learning Objectives:

  • Treatment approaches within a Tri-Phasic model of Safety & Stabilization, Remembrance & Mourning and Reconnection;
  • Body, Mind, Behavior and Emotion resolution using Trauma Practice;
  • Over 20 practical interventions for trauma recovery;
  • Underlying principles of CBT, and the development of Behavioral, Cognitive and CBT;
  • Application of Trauma Practice toward fulfilling each stage of the Tri-Phasic treatment model;
  • Practical applications of Trauma Practice among trauma survivors; and
  • Hands on approaches for working with trauma survivors on their journey to recovery through community reconnection.

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Founder and director of Traumatology Institute, Anna Baranowsky, PhD, C Psych. received her doctorate in Clinical Psychology at the University of Ottawa. She is a Canadian Clinical Psychologist and a Board Certified Expert in Traumatic Stress through the American Academy of Experts in Traumatic Stress; Green Cross Scholar, Registered Traumatologist and Trainer. She works with trauma survivors and those with PTSD on post-traumatic growth and recovery. Trauma Practice: Tools for Stabilization & Recovery (2015, 3rd Ed. Baranowsky & Gentry) is a bestselling title in the field of post-trauma therapy. Her other book What is PTSD? 3 Steps to Healing Trauma (2012 Baranowsky & Lauer), offers practical self-care for trauma survivors. She was named as one of the Top Women in Defence World (Canadian Military) by Espirit de Corps magazine in March 2016.


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9:00AM to 4:00PM
Jun 10, 2021 to Jun 11, 2021
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Trauma Practice Manual $15.00 Mandatory
Section Notes
  • The manual is based on the popular book “Trauma Practice: Tools for Stabilization & Recovery (Baranowsky & Gentry, 3rd Ed., 2015). New additions and update will be included in the manual and the training. It will be distributed at the workshop.
  • The special rate seats for AHS Staff, U of C FSW Field Instructors and U of C FSW students are limited and are available on first come first served basis. If the seats are sold out, please register at General Rate. Please note that no waitlists are kept after these seats are sold out.
    UPDATE: AHS Staff rate seats are sold out and no wait lists are kept.  Please register @ EB General Rate.

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If you have any questions on the course or any difficulties in registering, please call (403) 220 2160 or (403) 220 3410 or e-mail fswcrd@ucalgary.ca.

Intended Audience:

Social Workers, Psychologists, Addiction Counsellors, MH Therapists, Nurses, Psychiatrists, Physicians, Indigenous Health Staff and other human service professionals. No pre-requisites to attend.

About the Hosts:

Centre for Social Work Research and Professional Development, Faculty of Social Work, University of Calgary is dedicated to furthering excellence in professional social work by delivering relevant and flexible continuing education programs of high quality that meet the life-long needs of social workers as well as other Allied Health Professionals. Alberta Health Services’ Social Work Professional Practice Council (Calgary Zone) also strives to enhance the practice of Social Work by facilitating Professional Development opportunities as one of its priorities in an environment of rapid changes. Over the years, the partners have successfully co-organized leading edge workshops. The event is in partnership with the Psychology Professional Practice Council, AHS Calgary Zone.

Certificate of Attendance:

This workshop has 12 credit hours and may be used towards ACSW Category “A” credits. Certificate of Participation will be issued to all participants. In order to received the credits, sign in and out on both days are required. No partial credits available unless approval is sought in advance through e-mail at fswcrd@ucalgary.ca


Owl’s Nest Bookstore will be at the venue with a good selection of trauma and related books.

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