Course Description

Storytelling is a powerful leadership tool. Stories build rapport and connection in a way that facts and information do not. When we share stories, we engage the emotions and imagination of others to help them see things differently—and act differently as a result.

Delivered in partnership with The Humphrey Group Inc., this program will help you use storytelling as a powerful leadership tool. Tap into the stories you have within you and use them to authentically inspire and motivate your audiences.

Course Details

Learning Objectives

Participants will enhance their ability to:

  • Understand the purpose of storytelling and how to use it as a leadership tool
  • Use The Story Spine to structure a compelling anecdote
  • Identify the right moment for a story
  • Use language and classic narrative techniques to hold the room
  • Tell their stories with a dynamic and engaging physical presence
  • Craft stories in-the-moment for a variety of audiences and situations.

Who will benefit

This course is for leaders at all levels who wish to complement their leadership communication skills with storytelling.

Learning experience

Storytelling for Leaders™ emphasizes practical, applied learning. Small groups ensure that all participants have several opportunities to test their learning throughout the day and receive individual feedback from the instructor.



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