Course Description

Participants will gain introductory skills in accounting for long-term liabilities including bonds, mortgages and capital leases. Topics include identifying cash flow from operating, investing and financing activities and creating a Cash Flow Statement. Learn how changes in volume affect costs and profits and how to chart that information using Cost-Volume-Profit Analysis. Participants will build a Master Budget that effectively plans for the future, promotes coordination and communication within an organization and provides benchmarks for evaluating performance. The course will culminate with participants learning to make informed decisions about how to maximize profit and strengthen a company’s financial position using a variety of accounting tools.

Course Details

By completion of this course, successful students will be able to:

  • Identify the advantages and disadvantages of different borrowing instruments and evaluate whether it is preferable to issue debt or equity
  • Prepare a Cash Flow Statement using the indirect method, and compute the cash effects of investing and financing transactions
  • Use Cost-Volume-Profit analysis to calculate breakeven points, for-profit planning, and to perform sensitivity analysis
  • Create a Master Budget which includes:
    • An operating, capital expenditure and financial budget that will assist in the achievement of business goals and identify specific actions to achieve those goals
    • Develop projected income statements and balance sheets. Determine future cash requirements using a cash flow budget. Evaluate potential outcomes using sensitivity analysis
  • Evaluate short and long-term decisions using:
    • Relevant cost analysis and contribution analysis to assess business segments or product mixes
    • Payback, net present value and rate of return to assess capital budgeting decisions. Identify strengths and weaknesses of these different methods


Students must successfully complete BMC 162 Accounting Fundamentals prior to registering in this course.

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