Course Description

We will engage experientially in several mindfulness practices, from mindful movement (chair yoga, walking meditation) to some short sitting meditation exercises followed by mindful inquiry, informal didactic discussion on the roots and psychology of mindfulness. We will explore why mindfulness is beneficial for your everyday life and relationships, and how small doses of mindfulness practice can be helpful in the classroom. If you have never meditated or even heard of mindfulness before, no problem! Everyone is welcome to come, relax, decompress, and explore you body/mind with kindness, curiosity, and acceptance. The workshop is intentionally placed over the lunch hour, so if you can only come for 1 hour of the two-hour workshop, that's also OK - but please do not bring food into the session (water is fine).

By the end of the session participants will have:

  1. An introductory understanding of the roots and psychology of mindfulness based stress reduction
  2. Experienced several mindfulness-based practices for reducing stress and cultivating present moment awareness, curiosity, and kindness
  3. Several practical mindfulness-based applications with handouts to use in the classroom and at home for personal wellbeing

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