Course Description

The LSDP Final Project consist of designing a Teaching and Learning Activity and creating a Digital Resource that will be used in that activity. As you work on your Final Project, imagine you are teaching a course at the University of Calgary that is relevant to your own discipline. The purpose is for you to create something that is meaningful to your own practice. As there are many different possibilities in terms of learning technologies, learning spaces, pedagogical approaches, topics; we encourage you to start thinking of ideas early in the program so you can strategically incorporate information from workshops, online resources available through the D2L Course, and your own teaching practice. To support how you use the learning spaces and technology in your activity, you are expected to reference relevant literature on digital pedagogy and learning spaces, either from the provided readings, workshop resources or other sources that you have found. 

Learning Outcomes:

  • Create a Digital Resource to be used in Teaching and Learning.
  • Design a Teaching and Learning Activity in which the created Digital Resource is used.

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