Course Description

Identify a meaningful question and appropriate methods for answering it. This question should be meaningful to you as you reflect on your own teaching and learning practices, on the workshops you have taken, and the readings we have done.

You are invited to use these reflection questions to help you think through how you might develop this plan.

  • What are you curious about? Why?
  • How would you use your research skills to respond to this problem?
  • What disciplinary expertise might you bring to address this problem?
  • How is the problem focused on student learning?

The way you present your basic SoTL plan should also be meaningful to you. You are welcome to produce this plan in writing (max. three single- spaced pages), in a video (max. 5 minutes), in a poster, or in some other medium that you’d prefer.

Final project work for the badge is captured via this course. The SoTL Plan is completed in D2L. The SoTL plan, 1 required course, and 6 courses must be completed to earn the SoTL Foundations Program for Graduate Students badge.


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