Course Description

In this course you will explore teaching and learning practices, theories and assessments as they relate to your teaching context and priorities.  We will engage in conversations and activities that are grounded in a learning-centered, evidence-based approach which focuses on students’ learning as well as your own.  

We will examine practices such as: 

  • Applying innovative and effective teaching approaches
  • Designing aligned learning activities and assessments
  • Setting clear expectations for both teaching and learning
  • Gathering feedback and critically reflecting on one's own teaching

Assessment activities will include engaging in discussions and peer review of teaching and learning materials as well as your choice of reflecting on classroom observations conducted with colleagues (in a Teaching Square) or compiling artefacts developed in the course into a teaching dossier.

Upon successful completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  1. Examine key learning theories and approaches in light of your own teaching practice 
  2. Critically reflect on and document your teaching and learning using multiple sources of evidence
  3. Apply evidence-based practice to plan and align innovative courses, activities, assignments and/or other learning experiences
  4. Implement methods to assess student learning 

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