Course Description

Augmented Reality (AR) in education can serve a variety of purposes. AR provides the opportunity to explore objects, such as molecules, the human body, art pieces and much more as 3D virtual projections that overlay onto the real world. AR technology has an ability to render objects that are hard to imagine and turn them into 3D models, making it easier to grasp the abstract and difficult content. Consequently, it can help the students easily acquire, process, and remember the information in an extremely easy and accessible way. In this workshop, participants will explore ways in which AR can make learning more engaging and fun as well as develop learning materials for teaching and learning with AR.

By the end of this workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Explore the uses of Augmented Reality in Teaching and Learning.
  • Experience Augmented Reality by using different education resources available online.
  • Construct learning materials that superimpose digitally generated objects on the user's view in a composite view of the real world.

* There will also be time after the workshop for individual projects and questions.


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