Course Description

Instructors navigate diverse classrooms through cross-cultural competency as a developmental strategy for fostering successful student learning. Cross-cultural competency is a learned knowledge that includes skill sets necessary for effectively managing diverse relationships. However, this process can be problematic, since “competency” tends to be finite and weighs heavily on achieving levels of “learning” rather than evaluating personal experiences and levels of awareness. How can we move beyond fixed thinking that negates the fluidity of diverse groups and cultures? Together we will unravel how being grounded in ourselves can contribute to self-awareness. This self-awareness helps us recognize, consider, value and appreciate multiple perspectives, contributing to positive teaching and learning environments.

By the end of this interactive workshop you will:

  • Discuss the meaning of cross-cultural competency and its relationship to cultural humility in diverse teaching and learning environments.
  • Reflect upon your own personal beliefs, values, and behaviours by examining your own identity and biases.
  • Collectively explore strategies that can contribute to a teaching and learning environment that fosters successful student learning.

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