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We invite all graduate students interested in SoTL to join us for our sixth and final discussion-based session, SoTL’s Multiplicity.

We will take some time to become acquainted, review SoTL foundations and reflect upon the session’s reading as foundational to SoTL research and practice, Gary Poole’s “Square one: What is Research?” from The Scholarship of Teaching and Learning in and Across the Disciplines (2013). Poole outlines some of the disciplinary challenges for researchers doing SoTL work. He describes SoTL research with different forms of disciplinary engagement and details differences that can complicate inter- or trans-disciplinary work. Finally, he contends that a universally acceptable definition of research is a starting point for engaging multiple voices in SoTL work. Poole’s insights encourage us to position our SoTL work in relation to multi-, inter-, or trans-disciplinarity and consider the related benefits and challenges.

Please contact Dr. Kiara Mikita for this reading.


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